Saturday, 15 June 2013


Just a short sweet post here..hee

Alhamdulillah Allah has given me a chance to live until this day. I am officially a grown up now I guess..haha. Whatever. Alhamdulillah till today, I still have loved ones besides me in every place that I go especially my family in my hometown.
I just want to celebrate my birthday by celebrating my parents so I write this for them.
Thank you very much mama and ayah for everything. Thank you for raising me up and thought and still teaching me how to be a good servant of Allah. From both of you, I get the chance to taste pure love that reminds me of how wide and beautiful Allah's love is. I know it's hard to raise a kid, I mean a human. D&T taught me that to 'build' a human is not easy. The fact that both of you had 'built' me since I was nothing really humbled me. I pray to Allah to pays all of your hardships with His Jannah.
Allahumma Amin!
Thank you Allah for giving me all these beautiful people in my life. Every single one of them really taught me something about life. May Allah repays all of the things that all of you done with His blessings, insyaAllah.
Can I ask a help from you?
Instead of wishing me "Happy Birthday", you can wish me by praying for my parents; May Allah gives them the true happiness here in this world and hereafter.
Please. Thanks very much, readers!
Well, I think that is all. Oh yah, one more thing..please pray that Allah gives me the best person as zauji..haha. This is totally awkward, man..but I already 22 and next year would be my third year. I cannot run from the fact that I'm a big girl now. hahaha.
Okay, ignore that part if you cannot relate.
Jazakumullahu khayr katsiran. May Allah bless all of you. Have a blast!  

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