Tuesday, 23 August 2011



this morning, i was beaten with sleepiness for about 30+ minutes. arghhh! but it was better than yesterday. i dont know why but started from 2 days ago (i think), i had this super-big-sleppy-head that i cannot fight. *what a loser* ughhh.

okey, this morning after i woke up at 7 am. i went straight to my lappy and go online. yup, and now, it was only 8.15 am and i dont know what to log on now. you know, sometimes fb, twitter and so on might be a boredom for you. yah, especially when there's no people give any respond. 

then, i started to feel lonely. yah, lonely as in i-dont-feel-anything-at-all. there's no new videos to watch or i can say, i'm not attracted to the other videos. *okay, please ignore it*

what i'm about to say is, i open up my bloglist and started to read any post that featured. and there's one post that had something related to our prophet Muhammad pbuh and i feel that it's a super awesome post which make me reflect myself ---> "did I act like Prophet pbuh?" 

and that's when i realized, that anything that has to be something related to Allah or the Prophet, helps me to flush away all this solitary feeling. you'll not feel lonely if you know that Allah is always with you and keep on remember that our Prophet already gave us something to work on. 

so, erm what i'm trying to say is if you're feel bored, try go for something which takes us back to Allah and the prophet. you know, fb, twitter can really be a boredom. trustme! >_<

okay, i dont know why i like to crap but i just feel like to write. got to go..da~~ 

peace be upon you :)

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