Tuesday, 5 April 2011



a very soothing feeling whenever i'm listening to maher zain's freedom. i dont know how to describe it but this feeling somehow makes me feel like want to be closer and getting closer to Allah, my ultimate lover.

how precious life is when we know that He always be right there beside us!
and how life would better off when we always know that He will look at us, helping us to get through every single thing happens in life..
how precious the moment is when people misunderstood us, we were just thinking about You, knowing that You know every single thing happens. 
how great the feeling is when we can feel the love and it happens to be when we're talking (praying) to You!
how touching it was when we could feel You everytime we breathe for every second of our life.!

oh how great is that!

O Allah, for every single time of my life, i want to feel this song of soul.
a hearty touch of Your love.
always and always... 
and I pray that you will give each one of us to feel You and Your love and make us closer to You, O Allah.
how great the world is if everyone shares this kind of feeling. together feeling the same soothing moment which i'm sure everyone smile with the true-est smile ever... 

much love to You, O Allah! keep us closer to You forever. ~_~ 

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zulaikha shukri said...

your words touched my heart,
and believe it,
it Allah's word through you.
thank you kak bella. :')