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it's has been a tough week not just for me only but also my dearest friends in kmb. may everything happened will make us stronger and more depending on Allah..^_^

well, now, i feel like to have a STORY TIME!!

i knew this wonderful story from my classmate, J and then it became my favourite when i read it for the second time on twitter by islamic thinking. 

it's about one of the Rasulullah's companions, Salman al-Farisi RA. yeah, i know everyone knew him because of what he did in Ahzab war, right?! but, who knows about the story before he became a Muslim.?? anyone?? hehe.

alright! sit up straight and lend me your eyes, kay?

to make it short, Hazrat Salman Al-Farisi RA was searching for Prophet in city full of dates that was claimed by his Christian priest in Mosul during his near-death. The priest also gave clues to meet the right person.

"Between his shoulder blades, there will be the Seal of the Prophethood. He will eat food, provided it is a gift and not a donation."
So, after a long time (you can read more here), Hazrat Salman RA got himself to Yathrib (which is the old name of Madinah) as a servant. At that time, he was on top of a date tree, doing his work but suddenly he stopped and climbed down when he heard his master said that on that day, a Prophet will come to their city.

and Hazrat Salman RA himself narrates:

I left the house for a while, making inquiries. I asked a woman I met from the city whose entire family had become Muslim. She showed me the way to the Prophet .

When it was evening, I took some food with me and went to the Prophet . The Prophet was in Quba at the time. I said,

“Word has reached me that you are a very pious man, and that you have some travellers in your company. I had some charity and thought that you would be most deserving of it. This is it; you may have some to eat.”

The Prophet withdrew his own hand, not eating from it, but told his Companions to eat. At the time, I thought, “This is one of the characteristics my Mentor (priest) told me of.”

On my way back, I saw that the Prophet was heading to Madinah . Thus, I took the food to him, saying,
“I saw that you were not eating from this charity. As a matter of fact, I presented it as a gift and not charity.”

This time, the Prophet also ate with his Companions. “That makes two signs,” I thought.
Later on, I approached the Prophet as he was walking behind the corpse in a funeral. I remember that at the time, he was covered in two sheets, and that his Companions were with him.

I was trying to steal a look at the Seal on his back,
when the Prophet saw me glancing.
Realising that I wanted to verify what someone had told me,
he let his cloak drop a little,
and I managed to see that the Seal between his shoulder blades was exactly the way my Mentor had described it.
I threw myself down before the Prophet (sallallahu-alayhi wasallam) kissing (his blessed hands/feet) and started to cry.
The Holy Prophet said, “O Salman! Reveal your story.”

So I sat in front of him, relating my story to him and hoping that his Companions could also hear it. When I had finished, the Prophet said,

“O Salman! Make a deal with your owner to free you.”
it was a very cute story for me. how sweet is that when rasulullah dropped his cloak to make it easier for Salman to know he is the right person. ^_^

woahh!! i mean, i'm soooo impressed with Salman RA for his courage and determination to find Rasulullah and i'm sure he would consider it is the best-est moment of his life.

i wonder when can i have that kind of moment of my life like that??

to cry happily when i see Rasulullah...

somehow, it makes me feel so sad. Muhammad s.a.w is not here in our time.

how fortunate Salman RA and his friends can have a really great, precious moment with Rasulullah and i hope one day, i will have my own moment with Rasulullah.

not here in this World but in Hereafter. how I wish that he knows about me....

till then, salam to all readers!

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