Saturday, 16 April 2011


good day to everyone!

just a short update to tell you but i dont know if it's really matters that i have to tell you about this. i'm not sure. but just let me finish it quickly okay? then, we could end this session and go back prepare for the final!! bahaha (sangat tak ikhlas -.-)

okay, move on. 

yesterday, i opened my official email (specially made for official things only!) and guess what?? i got 2 conditional offer letters. one is from victoria university of wellington and another one is lincoln university. actually, these are my 3rd and 4th choice and i'm still waiting for my 1st and 2nd choice, university of auckland and university of waikato. 

but if ALLAH decides that I wouldn't get my 1st and 2nd choice, i would say Alhamdulillah because at least i get the offer right?! but if it's meant to be that i get my 1st and 2nd choice, i say Alhamdulillah too!! ^_^

however, there's a big problem here. but nevermind, i will not tell about that. what's more important is for me to keep on putting the effort so that i can make myself qualified to go there. insyaAllah. this is not easy coz if i dont meet the MARA requirement, they will not pay the fees etc.. 

so, now, bella, you have to keep moving on! struggle in the name of Allah. 

O Allah, please make this sacrification beneficial to my Akhirat. amin ya rabbal 'alamin..! ~_~   


Minn Edina said...

wahh..hebat sungguh kawan2 ku ni..

bella, chayok!

u can do it, inshaAllah ^^

silentdreamer said...

thank you imaa!!!

seyes nak jmpe ko sgt2!
doakn aku eh..!

hanya usaha, doa dan izin Allah saje yg dapat memberikan kejayaan. aminn..

salam sayang aku utk ko..
muahh! :)