Wednesday, 30 March 2011


assalamualaikum, everyone!

now, all of year 2 students are constantly in pressure which we have to go through for about more than 5 weeks. this IB final exam isn't something petty y'know.. but it the one of the most crucial that I have to tackle on. like insyaAllah like what rasulullah told us in hadith no. 19 (imam nawawi)

"Be mindful of Allah, and Allah will protect you.." ~source~

dont worry, dear. if you believe in Allah, Allah will always be there to protect us. how sweet! ^_^

i dont know for what reason i type these words but i just feel like i want to share with all of you. let everyone in this world knows that ALLAH is the Most gracious, Most merciful. let everyone feel the love of Allah which one will never ever leave it when they get the chance. i mean, just take an example from those as-syahid and as-syahidah who were risking their lives just for the sake of Allah and we, what do you think?? ask it yourself. (wow..very sharp, huh?!)

no, it's not even the main story. that was just the mukaddimah of this post..(hehe). but as I was pushing myself to connect the dots (put the effort) to tackle all these things, sometimes I need a break for a while. to settle my mind and especially my soul. before this, I always think that 'if you wanna to relax your mind, go for this korean drama' or 'if you take a break, pleasure yourself with these unnecessary love songs'. 

i used to be that kind of girl who spent most of her days with something that she didnt ever get the Islamic value in it. yeah, it's not easy for me until today to get rid of all korean-japan-american thingy. it needs a lot of guts and also, friends.

alhamdulillah now i found some of the replacement of the jahiliyyah part of myself. if you know more about other stuffs that happens to be kind of same with these, do tell me that. i really, really, really, want to know it. sometimes, i will go to youtube and get video from ust. nouman ali khan. a great reminder, seriously. it's a good one because i am a person who is easily to get bored and sleep during a talk. if you feel like you want something cheer up your day and at the same time is not wasting your time, try go for ummahfilms video (or baba ali). a great sense of humour, i can say. 

or even you can have songs from any Islamic singers. you name it. maher zain, sami yusuf, mesut kurtis, native deen, zain bhikha, dawud wharnsby ali or even the malaysian nasheed artist! (my fave would be raihan..) my taste of music is not same to everyone. so , you have to search for yourself.! dont worry Allah counts every single that we do for the sake of Aqidah.

i know what i'm talking is not really the 'root' thing but i just share some tips so that you will a taste of it and who knows these will bring closer and closer to Allah. i ask myself not to waste my time, my youth for the sake of nothing. it's just not worth it at all.!

i think that's all. but unfortunately baba ali and ust nouman ali khan are in english. if you want the malay version, you can go for youtube. you know there are tonnes of very good video that can bring us closer to Allah. it's just the matter of how we use it, righto?!

okay, i must go now. anyway, have a nice day peeps. pray for me! strive for the best IB, world and the most important HEREAFTER. amin ya rabbal 'alamin..


Minn Edina said...


faiza 'azamta fatawakkal 'alallah.
maat tawfiq wan najah.

sungguh, saya rindu anda :)

silentdreamer said...


jazakillah wa barakallahu fik!!

sedih la ko ckp camtu..aku pon rindu gak..huhu