Wednesday, 16 March 2011



first and foremost, all praises to Allah for letting me to have a very seconds of life. thank you Allah for everything! alhamdulillah...

and salutations to our prophet s.a.w for the most unbelievable moments of my life. all your acts and teachings had give everyone an inspiration to keep on moving in their lives. 

okayhh...move on.

i was just arrived from my kampong which is in perlis. alhamdulillah. i was having a really fun time there. playing with those children (i mean my nieces and nephews) had given me a fresh breathe because it was a long time that i haven't playing with those kids especially babies. alhamdulillah, Allah do listen to my prayer to meet with the 'small ones'..haha. getting a little boredom to mess around with big people who some of them have no reason but just keep challenging me inside out.

but then, all of the, i sholud say 'tribulation and joy' gave me a big lesson to survive and keep holding on to our principal of life which is the ISLAM is. many things were happening and sometimes it made me breathless.

anyhow, now, biiznillah, i'm all freshen up and i pray that my spirit will never be lower and lower as there many things to do and time waits for no men, aren't they? we cannot just waste ummah time.

48 days to go for final exam. woahh..there's a lot of things to revise on and one thing to remember, make this exam get us closer to Allah, not further away from Allah coz we have to bear in mind what's the purpose of us to live on this very world.

to anyone who puzzling around, there's still a lot of time to do before i go study abroad. now, i'm preparing for my final exam and if my IB point is good enough, insyaAllah new zealand is the next place to come. maybe aroud july 2011 or feb 2012. let Allah decides it and the most important is my job to work hard in every single thing just because of Allahu subhanahu wa ta'ala. 

allahummarhamna bil iman..
allahummakhtim lana bi husnilkhatimah..
amin ya rabbal 'alamin

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