Tuesday, 8 March 2011



it's 8th day of March and it's 3rd day of Rabi'ul Awal.. 

it's my dearest best friend's birthday..saidatul shamimi saifuddin. mimie, happy birthday dear! 

i am so sorry that i cannot have some time to talk to you, to chat with you, like we used before. yahh..i know it's already 2 years back when we were talking to each other via instant messaging. frankly to say, i really missed our moments together. 

even though i don't have the time to chat with you frequently, you're still my best friend ever. maybe, if we meet later, i believe there will be some awkwardness happens but i am so grateful to Allah if you still take me as your best friend. ^_^

i'll keep praying for your success to be a great scientist!! hehe.. may Allah bless you and keep holding on to Allah's words coz Allah knows the best for you. 

"Allahumma fighli zunubi wa li ukhti"
~O Allah, forgive my sins and also my sister's (friend's)~

seriously, i really looking forward to spend time with you. biiznillah (if Allah permits) we're gonna meet soon or later. but now, there's so many things to do as the IB final exam has 56 days to go (much-freaky-me).

again, to say, 

as this beautiful day passes by,
to let you know that everyday's fresh breeze that you feel,
is one of Allah's creation, 
and we are one of His creation,
and Allah loves His servant who remembers Him all the time,
so i pray that we are the ones of those humble servant.
amiin ya rabbal 'alamin.

much love, 



mimie said...

Bella, sorry kite baru sign in blog then baca post kau. And indeed you're still my bestfriend, forever :')
Yeah maybe one day when we meet, everything had changed. And maybe we cant be like we used to be, but just so you know. You'll always be my bestfriend, chingu forever :) InsyaAllah <3

silentdreamer said...

touchy..touchy..touchy (thousand timess!!)