Sunday, 20 December 2009



it's been a loonng time..hehe. like i said in the previous post i'm off to north of malaysia peninsula..first, i went to my kampong in kuala sanglang, perlis. all of my family members were there. we were having a kenduri for my cousin, aiman who just did what all boys have to..haha..sunatlaa..apa lagi. it was sad to see him cry because of the pain he felt when he was taking a bath but i said the pain was worth it when he got rm700++ during the kenduri. jealous of him..!! but it's okay i dont want it..haha.

so, after a few days after the kenduri, we went for a vacation to langkawi.!! which is such an unpredictable trip.!!

at our first day, when we arrived at CITIN HOTEL (pleaseee dont go to this hotel or you'll cursing the whole time that you spend there!!) the rooms that we'd booked were not available. and then as we went upstairs we saw the room were untouch!! what the ......!! we were so pissed off. lastly, they apologized and we got our rooms. second, you know what, as usual every hotel wiil give free breakfast rite?! same for the CITIN HOTEL but when i stepped in the restaurant, i was totally shocked!! they just got 5 meals!! nasi goreng roti canai toast tea and coffee. again whta the .....! i was assuming that they have lots of meallss just like the other hotels. when i walked around they even didn't have the chefs or else. i think they just ordered the foods from the nearest mamak stall. and what frustrated me was when there is no more food left and i said, " bang, makanan ni tak tambah ke?" and he said,"ooo..makanan dah HABIS" just like that!!?? wttttt?? is this a HOTEL or whatttt??? the breakfast hours still had 1 hour left and there was no food to eat!! i dont know what to say..*sigh*

okay..close the hotel story. let's move on..! so, we went lots of place in langkawi with a van which suprised us. we even joked that this is our TOYOTA ESTIMA. at first we thought that we had a mpv or something and then they gave us an OLD VAN! haha..but it's okayla. at least we had a car ooopps a van to make easier for us to go anywhere.

so, what was enjoyable is we had tonnes of fun at all places that we visit. first, we went to makam's just because my little sister want to go there. then, the 2nd day we went to kilim geoforest park. this place was awesome! taking a stroll in a boat watching islands, sea, caves, snake, meeting monkeys ( is that awesome??) eagles for sure, feeding stringray and learning some other kind of fish. did you know there is a type of fish who likes to spit. yup!! that fish exists! they even use their spit to get the food and if we hold the food 10cm above the water surface, they will jump to get it! it was enjoyable to watch those fishes! hik3..

next, we went to cable car. actually, i already ride on the cable car. so, it didn't give me any special feeling. after that, we went to other places and then keep our mind straight to shopping and shopping.. it was tiring but i love it when i got new stuffs..hehe.

there's 1 scene happens and it made me feel very shameful. it's like i wanna take a hat and put on my face the whole day. haha. it happened when i went to bat cave and when we're waiting for our boat, i smelled cig behind me and i was thinking "ya allah ayah aku ni..banyak gile batang rokok dia hisap" because it was his 3rd cig during that time. and automatically i turned around and beat a chinese guy's hand (which i thought he was my dad) saying "ayah..dah tiga kali dah!!" and when he looked at me and i realized opps it's not my dad. "sorrry3!!", i said with a senyum kambing and i just walked away and get into my boat. my aunt also said sorry to him for what i did. all of my family members including my dad laughed at me crazily. huhu..but nevermind..!

okay, i just end my writings here.
tiill then..
before that, here's some of the pics!!

can you a see my 10-sized shoe?? ooo..there it is!! lol

safety first!!

cenang beach where there's a lot of mat salehs lying on the sand

my dad with our "estima"

speed of wind really makes the hair go wilddd!! haha


mimie said...

beeeeelllleee!!!! what a good way to spend your time with your family apart from the hotel stuff, that was awful! :-s its been a long time we didnt talk! i miss you my friend! bfffff and ever!

silentdreamer said...

yup!! ur rite!!
i kinda miss our msn-ing..