Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Assalamualaikum wbt dear bloggie,

Alhamdulillah Allah gave me time to write for you. I just want to tip some of my wishlist that I really really really to achieve in these few years.

1. Memorising of AlQuran. (maybe like for juz 30, 29 &28 for beginning)
2. Memorising 40 hadith of imam nawawi's collection
3. Master the arabic language to the extant that when I recite the AlQuran I dont really need translation to understand it.

You know, listening to stories of two people who present in my life and I can say somehow they have the same way of life as mine, have memorised AlQuran for 15 juz and 11 juz is just so awesomeeeee! Seriously!

This sister of mine just started memorising AlQuran 6 years ago (during her tarbiyah period) and done for 11 juz! *jawdropped*. I was like, "what about you, bella? you have been in tarbiyah for like 5 years, how many juz have you memorised?!" *faint*

InsyaAllah I really need to manage my time to be able achieving this wishlist..may Allah give barakah in my life. allahumma amin.

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