Friday, 15 August 2014

People always want they like
even though it's a wrong thing to do
whenever what they want is restricted from them
they said there's no freedom or this against the human right

How bad it is
as long as they like it
they say it's the right thing

Well, how do you know what's your like is the right thing to do?
Is it because you get support from the people who see what you do?
Actually, do you just want to do what you like
or you want to do what is right
called, the truth?

What's your evidence that's the truth?
Is it just based on your feeling and others'?
Human can go wrong
Human has limitation
Human even some of them, do not know whether they are true or not
How can that be?

To me,
It's a simple as what you actually want
The best 'feeling' or the truth?

If it's just the pleasure of yourself
then you're not gonna always find the truth
and not all the things you think are right is true
If it's vice versa,
then seek the truth.
If you just following the thoughts of human, then you'll somehow not gonna find it.

Look around you,
Look at the surrounding, nature and people,
there are tonnes of answers for the question of your truth.
Seek from it.

To make things easy, I would suggest you to find what's your purpose of life
why you, human, live here or exist?
Like a quote that I found before, Seek ye shall find.

Read Quran Chapter 2 Verse 30 and Chapter 51 Verse 56

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