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How are you there? Hopefully everyone's doing great. Just wanna write something here in the middle of reading a journal for my research essay about microbes. It's interesting topic but reading a journal can be disturbed cause it's too black and white. Have to insert this 'Rancho Mode' ON!! 

"Microbes, endosymbiont and mitochondria indeed are fun! But when it's come to the origin, wayyy funnnn!" 

*Duh! Ignore that please. Cheers!* 

Oh yeah, many things happened in Auckland lately. Just finished our Rotorua Rhapsody, will having a coming assignments and tests. And MIDSEM BREAK!! cant wait, seriously. Nak dapat fikrah banyak2 dalam diri :) kasi sumbat sume itu..hee. 

Of many things happened here, one that unique is exorcism. Yup, I thought it happens in Malaysia like there's no such things like ghost or pontianak whatsoever here in oversea. But hey, you got it wrong, mates. IT HAPPENED! 

Same goes to Allah, He is everywhere. Not just during your prayer (solat) session that you have to feel and act like a servant. You have to act and feel it like forever, you know! I'm not that brave nor scared when it comes to this matter. It happened a lot in my secondary school and I was the one of many seniors that have to bear with this and take care of all the girls that have been exorcised or psychologically disturbed. 

Okay, the point here is how you stuff your brain after you heard about it. It's about how you actually control your mind and being not disturbed by this kind of story. Yes, it happened but it happened by the permission of Allah. InsyaAllah you'll be fine if you really take a good care of Allah in your heart. Im not saying that those people who had been exorcised are bad people. But I just wanna say do not be extremely afraid of what happened. Bad things happened and we cannot control when it comes to the matter of jinn and devils. What we can do is always read Quran, mathurat to protect yourself from this matter. 

There's a hadith in Tafsir Fi Zilal surah An-Nas by Sayyid Qutb somehow mentioned that a devil cannot be in your heart if you remember Allah. (Go check the real text of hadith by yourself, okay). 

I advice myself first and you, my friends that we have many things to think of. Our Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine, Syria, you name it, really need our help and pray. There are so many things that we have to think of despite of stuffing your mind and keep imagining things that will not happens by the permission of Allah. Salimul Aqidah! 

So, friends, please do not overthink about this matter that restrict yourself for getting understanding in Islam (kefahaman dalam agama). Remember the hadith: Man yuridillahu bihi khairan yufakkihu fiddin. (wow, gaya Quantum Tarbiyah dah..heee) 

I speak to myself first. Not overthink about this matter. Think about all the injustices happen in this World. Think big, people! Think BIG! Do not close it by this kind matter. How many books that we already read? How many verses have we memorized? How many lectures have we covered? *Yes, these questions kill me inside T~T*

I think that is all. Syabab is not an ordinary. Syabab is cool! Wahai pemuda! Bangkit & bersiap-siagalah! 

Peace be upon you ^_^

p/s: currently addicted to this song below. dengan gaya-gaya sekali, aku hafal..haha. yup, dedikasi utk anda sekalian, para daie :)

Hai Sahabat -Izzatul Islam (MHI 2012)  

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