Sunday, 28 April 2013



HOW MANY MORE by Ameen Misran of LangitIlahi

We have been silent for so long,
we have been quite for all these years.

We are imprisoned in our own home,
we are trapped in our own dome.

This is the time to stand up,
this is the time to wake up.

You took our land,
You killed our brothers,
You rapped our sisters,
You put bullets in the heads of our young ones.

The destruction you've made is unparalleled,
the agony you've caused is unequaled,
your animalistic actions have made you the animal you've always wanted,

How many more babies have to be annihilated?
How many more civilians have to be exterminated?
How many more lives have to be pronounced dead?
How many sick people will you bomb while they sleep in their beds?
How many more?
Answer me,
How many more?

How many more lives will you take to quench your thirst for blood?

Let me get one thing straight.

Even if you take their lives, still we will survive!
Even if you burn down our houses, we will rise up to the ashes!
Even if today I die as one, do not think that you have won!
You kill one million, we will return in trillions!

We will avenge our brothers and sisters that you have killed severely!
We will build once again the building that you have destroyed brick by brick!
We will cure the sickness; the disease resulted from your cowardice phosphorous bombs!

We are preparing our economy,
we are preparing our army,
And we are coming to get you!

We will never stop, until we are free,
we will never stop, until we are done,
We will never stop, never ever stop until we have won!

Palestine will be liberated from the dark hands of Zionists,
Syria will win the battle against Basyar Asad,
Kashmir will no longer be known as the lost map,
and Rohingya will no longer be forgotten again!

You are not superior,
and we are not inferior.

Islam will win this battle,
and that is guaranteed.
We will never surrender,
Islam is in our hearts forever.

Brothers and sisters out there,
hope is there, hope is always, always there,
believe in that, Insyallah.

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