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Hopefully everyone's doing great. Alhamdulillah I just finished a morning picnic with sisters in Domain. It was fun, indeed! The food was deliciousooo~ heee. InsyaAllah this is a new beginning to get to know our Rotorua tripmates this upcoming Easter holiday! Cant waitt!

I am tired right now. It's not me, actually. It's my legs. Just laying down on the bed waiting my legs to feel better. My legs are charging energy, if you like. That's one of the many things that I have to improve myself. Talking about fitness, I am wayyy weakerrr! T~T

I just did like a few things this morning like transfer the food from Forte to Domain by driving Tariq, taking pictures, walking a bit and I feel so tired. Seriously, that is soo pathetic bella! Look at the Al-Qassam brigade! They are tooo awesome, okayh! They're working during day and stay up all night looking after Palestinian territories. So, when they're actually find their rest?! *puzzling*

You know what, the Believers (the Mu'min) are actually do not need rest like me laying down on the bed sleeping. They find their quality rest by praying/solah. Yes, indeed! Solat itu adalah satu kerehatan. They are soo amazing that their pray/ibadah is their energy booster. How strong is their relationship with Allah that it makes you feel energized! Insanely awesomeness. I know, right?!

We used to heard what Rasulullah said in his hadith (kinda words like this), "Berlalu sudah masa tidurku." (I don't have my sleeping time anymore). They didn't really need a long time period of sleep that the Western told us which is 8 hours of sleeping. They just need a quality sleep. Long sleep doesn't necessarily means quality sleep. In fact, long sleep can sometimes gets you in worse condition. The panda eyes, remember?! You got a too long sleep that you feel sleepy even if you're already awake.

Hamasah as-syabab
Where all the fighting spirits, bella?!

Takkan surut walau selangkah
Takkan henti walau sejenak
Cita kami hidup mulia
Atau syahid mendapat syurga

As a daie, as a syabab, as a rijal, you're supposed to have that super duper energy! You are young so you should have all the energy to do all the works for dakwah. It's not about physical energy but also that mental fitness. I saw many figures who are working non-stop. They jump from one place to another. From one work to another work. They made me wonder, " Where do you get the energy to do these bunch of works without a proper rest!?"

These are the people that really inspired to give all out in this path. To do the best that you can do, for the sake of Allah. Rehat kita hanya di syurga!

Do you know what's the answer for my question above? I bet you know it, right?

Yup, hablum minAllah. Your relationship with Allah. Rasulullah peace be upon him and his companions, mujahideen, they have a very strong relationship with Allah. The booster is Allah's love. That internal strength. The true strength. Cause Allah is the Most Powerful. Only the Most Strongest can give strength. Bergerak atas dasar cinta. Cinta yang suci itu menguatkan. Now, that is totally precious.

Yes, exercise can give you energy but internal strength is what we really looking for! The strength that make us never fall apart and give up even though our body is not strong enough to fight. Qiamullail is the crucial one. It provides the most abundance of energy that your body needs.

I'm writing this not because I've already reach the phase like Rasulullah and his companions did. I'm writing this cause I wanna be like one of them in the future. Using all the energy that we used from the food that Allah gave us for working in the name of Allah. Allah gave food to us, so what do we expect? Enjoying the food and sleeping? Yah, right *rolled eyes*

I'm still in my baby steps to have fitness like the Believers had. I'll try my best to work as much as I could for the sake of Allah.

One thing I learned this week; Wal 'Asr & Ahsanu 'Amala.

manage your time wisely. no wasting of time.
gives the best for the sake of Allah.

"hari ini saya belajar,
kerehatan dan perjuangan
dunia dan akhirat
jahiliyyah dan islam
kufur dan iman
bati dan haq
tak kan pernah boleh bersatu,.

ukhti, sebut nama dalam doa,jom?"

p/s: aku copy paste tanpa permission kau, nadia. aseefff :)

Saya budak baru belajar. Doakan saya dapat membina manusia sebaik mungkin untuk jalan ini. Ya, tulis manusia itu sangat susah. Tapi saya akan cuba. Doakan agar Allah permudahkan segalanya. Jadikan saya medium yang terbaik untuk Allah tarik hati-hati mereka dekat padaNya.

See you later. Barakallahu fii kum.

(sebenarnya mengantuk sangat tapi lawan jugak mengantuk nak tulis jugak satu entri, nak tanam jugak biji kurma walaupun dah nak dekat faham ke analogi tu. maka kerana itulah, ayat dalam entri macam hape je. tulis dalam mamai.)

Jazakallahu khayr, peeps!

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