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Hope all of you, readers are in the blessings of Allah..amin. :) RAMADAN KAREEM! gotta write a short post cause semester 2 means double trouble >_<

okey, maybe not. maybe I can see it as a positive things. Yup, semester 2 can be the best medium for Allah to 'tarbiyah' (teach) me. As a first year student, I find it difficult to put all things in order, to make sure all your works done as early as I can when we certainly know that we are not only a student. We are wayy more that that.

Starting from my oh-so-bad result during semester 1 and where I was surprised that doing biotechnology is not easy as I thought. You know when you live with medic students in IB, you thought that you're wayy luckier than them cause biotech is not that hard compared to medic. Says who?! I just realised last winter holiday that in my university you have to get certain CGPA so that you can further your biotech degree in the second year. If not, bye bye. Go find other course. Nauzubillahi min zalik. Before this, I was thinking that it happens only for medical students but you got it wrong, bella! T_T

Seriously, looking back at my result it's not easy for me to get the result that I have to achieve because of my semester 1 result. But I already done some strategy for this semester 2 like make a daily planner etc. I hope and I reallly hope that I can follow this planner cause I already made it quite efficient and realistic (that's important, ey?).

Only Allah know what's the best, right?! Until now, after 2 weeks of semester 2, I still haven't managed to follow that dearly daily planner. Sincerely I said, this semester 2 is something big for me. If I say IB is something big where I didn't know if  I could get myself to go abroad, now I say this semester 2 is something  beyond that big thing.

Allah makes this Ramadan & semester 2 as the best medium to give me tarbiyyah. Yes, this semester 2 is where I don't have so many time like others had. Sometimes, I feel like "Why this happens to me?". But I reflect again, you don't look at yourself as the unfortunate but you look at other who are more 'unfortunate' than you. Unfortunate here means less time to study. You know, I heard many story from those who just came back from Australia about sisters over there. They are wayyy stronger and 'unfortunate' than me. Doing medic and less time to study and have not many people with you to help you.. give me a break, bella! Your condition is not as tough as them and then you want to complain?!

To reflect again, I accept what Allah has planned for me as I know that is the best for me.. I am a human and sometimes I tend to be sad looking at myself, with less time to revise and get assignments done and yet have to discuss you-know-what-im-saying right? In fact, I always get tired in the class and feel so sleepy and usually I slept two from four of my classes. I know, in this hectic situation, I really need to stay focus in class but I can't control my sleepy eyes. I admit that I tend to be envy with my friends who have so much time than me and what she's already done - assignment done, revision checked and also she finished the past years paper for that particular lectures.. T_T *cry me a huge ocean*

Deep inside, I know I have to stay strong, to walk up straight with no time to cry and to be sad. I know I have to get going for what I believe that Allah has put me in. I know I'm not just a student and in fact, to be a student is just a tool for me to do what I believe in. To get blessings here in Dunya and Hereafter. I still haven't find the momentum to manage my time. Yup, now I'm in the middle of chaos, everything is not in good control. But Alhamdulillah Allah sends me with so many people to be His medium to help me. Thank you all for the help, may Allah reward you the best in Hereafter. One thing that I have to reallly really struggle  is not to maintain my study but my Iman in the first place, my relationship with Allah cause that's what makes you're still going. That Iman will make everything is in control. It's all about Allah and Allah's tarbiyyah and His mercy to His servants.

Well, I think that's it. There are still many assignments that I have to work out. May you get something from this post, insyaAllah. See you next time and pleasee pray for me, I need it soo much. >_< Jazakumullahu khair.

"If Allah is your helper none can overcome you, and if He withdraw His help from you, who is there who can help you after Him? In Allah let believers put their trust"


p/s: whoaa, that's not a short post,ey? haha..sorry for that.

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