Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Assalamualaikum, everyone!

It's been a long time since the last time I wrote a post here. Now, I'm in the middle of the assignment, searching for some stuff to write an essay about nuclear energy bla, bla, bla.. Just forget it. It's already almost 2 hours I searched for the sources. So, I guess I should take a break for a while with writing something here.

Well, it's 21st March 2012 right which I have to send my statistics assignment before 3pm today. Nope, just kidding. haha. Today is the big day for all the SPM candidates 2011. Mine was 3 years ago and I really remember that day which I don't remember what the date is..hihi. Still, that vivid image of what has happened on that day kept safely here in my mind. 

I was the one who really lazy and has no all these jumping-spirit to get the result. I treated that day just like another unemployed post-SPM day. Waking up in the morning, having breakfast, watching TV, online while I'm pretty sure everyone was very nervous and anxious, preparing for their big day to take result. Asking everyone what kind of clothes to put on, when is the time the result came out, where do we want to hall or what etc. Even my dad kept asking did I feel nervous or not. For sure, I feel nervous and fyi, that day was one of the busiest day for my mind, doing all these kind of exercise, to get me thinking of what my result would be, what will happen if I get bad result, what will happen if I get good result. Even, there was to an extent that I feel like I will get all subjects with no A. Looks cool on the outside but heaven no in the inside. :D

What happened at that day was my mom and my siblings were already there in school but me and my father were still on our way, going to school in the afternoon. My mom called 2,3 times to get me and my father arrived at the school faster. But thanks to my dad, he really understands me when he acted like nothing happens on that day. We were just chilling around in the car, talking about something that has nothing to do with SPM and taking our own sweet time to arrive at school. 

Yup, thanks to my mom too that although she already knew my result at that time, she didn't tell anything about it when she spoke to me on the phone. I'm kind of person who don't really like others to tell what's going on especially with my own result. However, I knew my result when I was in the car with my dad, someone texted me, congratulating with my result on it. Hurmm.. Never mind, I understand that person was really care about me, that was why she did that, right?! 

Thanks to both my mom and dad and angah and jiha for being there when I took the result. Even my spm result was not the one that I longed for but Alhamdulillah and Thank you sooo much, ya Allah for giving me a great post-SPM life that caused by the result that you gave. I may not get of what I want but I believe in what Allah did to me is the best for me cause Allah is the one who creates and understand me the most. ^_^

Lastly, all the best to my bro, Angah! InsyaAllah what Allah has given to you is the best result for you and always be grateful for what Allah did to us. Whatever happens, you're the best bro that I'd ever had! Bitaufiq wannajah, angah!!   


hamba said...

jzkk. beautiful post. teringat zaman muda2 dulu.. huuu

silentdreamer said...

ko la satu2nye pmbaca setia blog ak ni..

jzkk ;)