Friday, 23 March 2012

I just need a space, a time, 
where everybody is not there 
leaving me alone with You
for I'm just a weak slave of You.

O Allah, 
am I that strong?
can I do it?
I just want to have a humble conversation with You
so that I can cry on You

O heart, 
be strong, okay?!
Allah is saying something to you
but you didn't grab it cause of your own weakness.

Pray and always pray, 
that I can have that solitary space with You.

Forgive me Allah for all the sins that I did.

"Aku mahu pulang ke rumahku, syurga! >_<"


hamba said...

bella. kuat eh.. x d kata yg bole bantu pon untuk meringankan kesusahan anda. cuma Allah. Diaah yang maha Kuat yang mampu menolong. iAllah.<3

silentdreamer said...

jazakillahu khair choyyy!!

noted that T_T