Wednesday, 16 November 2011


"The Great Coolies" by Silentdreamer

Is that what I feel?
Is that what I thought?

This is all just a starting point.
A point where reality begins.
A point that starts all the hardships, trials and tribulations.
Looking back the timeline of this fragile place,
they already had their own.
Each one of them faced it.
Each one of them had their own story of it.
Now, it's about my turn...

We think that we're safe,
but we're not!
Cause at this point,
there's a huge load that we need to work on.
We're now the coolies,
the great coolies!

You, I, We,
who realized this reality,
has this essential need,
to break all the sweats we have,
to gather all the strength we have,
for we are the great coolies,
who spread the divine love messages to the whole world.


aizu's life said...


silentdreamer said...

terima kasih!!

a smile puts a big happiness in it.

jazakillah mlawat blog yg x sberapa nih. it was indeed an honor to me.