Monday, 19 June 2017


Salam there,

Currently, I am having a roller coaster in life. Life is generally okay. I mean, I'm doing really bad. I have a job, I know what I wanna do, I have people who love me around me. But, things doesn't really go with I want it to be.

I always pray to Allah to make things ease for me. Yet, maybe it's still not happen cause I haven't done my part the best that I have to do. It's really stressed me up thinking about all of these. You know, when you have to start again from all the way from the beginning.

You're no longer living in RI
You're no longer have your strongest support system with you
You're no longer in that biah solehah and dakwiyah
Your current usrahmates don't really understand you yeah cause you don't really blend well with your waqi' due to your kekangan of making time with them (I can't really blame them cause it's me who makes it like that)
You don't know what happen with your life in the future (single/married life. being adult is just so hard)
You envision how you caught up with your life when looking at your master's prediction

O Allah
grant me a serenity and contentment
like how you used to give me

I really miss back in the days that everything seemed really hard but I feel you're there beside me.

O how hard life it is right now.
Even the person who you rely on the most have their own problem that you don't want to burden them.

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