Monday, 8 May 2017


Ahlan ya Ramadhan :) 

Assalamualaikum and hello there! 

Another day to live means another blessing and another chance to get Allah's redha :) Alhamdulillah for everything and now I just wanna write something that I plan to and hopefully I can get this mission accomplished. *fingercrossed* 

Btw, I just wanna inform you guys that Alhamdulillah last Thursday I got an email saying that I was selected for a job position and I was soooo happy about it. It was like 2 or 3 days after I wrote my previous post about my status at that time. 

Alhamdulillah Allah always do this to me and to everyone right, testing you to see how would you react in this state. Are we going to return back to Him, asking Him for His help or we just going to opt for other way to solve it. To me, Allah only wants us to acknowledge Him that He is the Master, He is the Solver and we're just plain servant. Fullstop. Acknowledging that you're the servant and you surrender to it is the goal for this trial cause in everything that we do in this life has to be aligned with our purpose of life which is to be His servant, His 'abd. I mean, that's how it works in life, right?  

When I got the offer I was so confused. Do I proceed with it or not? Or do I go find another job? Thoughts just like dispersing all the way from every single angle of my brain. I was bewildered that I went back to Him asking for His guidance. I pray for Him to show me the right decision. 

And Alhamdulillah things just unfolded easily one by one. I received the offer and I am going to start this Thursday and if things going out well, I'll be doing Masters degree for this project insyaAllah. I will spend 2 years for this job and eventually I can see my timeline of my 2 years life ahead. 

There was this time I was whatsapp-ing with one of my akhawat, a much older and wiser than me with lots of experience in her life. I wish I can be brave and strong like her. I was telling her that of all these good things happened, I feel like I am not qualified for this. Like this is too much for me. Allah gave me so much to me but I dont think I did so much for the sake of Him. Rasa tak layak sangat. Huuu. We went muhasabah and agreed with it. 

So, guys and girls, Ramadhan is coming in about like 18 days. A good question to ask to ourselves is "Have we prepare anything about it?". If it's a yes, whoaa you're the best! If not, don't worry this is the perfect time to do it. Have a mission for your Ramadhan. It's a great opportunity to improve ourselves for the better and insyaAllah with the barakah of the month itself, it will be a blast!

#1 Have a mission

First thing first, have your mission! Put an aim whatever that you wanna achieve this Ramadhan. Me myself, I pick the hardest thing that I struggle with that I take this opportunity to push myself to get it done. Hafazan it is :) I aim to memorise 5 surahs (juz 29) from today till end of Ramadhan (hopefully!!!!)

#2 Plan out your mission

Take a tiny moment to think about it and plan it. Dont take too much time about and always make it into a realistic one! Please no ideal things in here cause we dont wanna feel bad about ourselves doing Ramadhan, pressuring ourselves thinking about the mission and regret about it. Ramadhan supposed to be a really good time to spent, having a really good positive vibe to improve ourselves. 

If you have the same mission as mine for Ramadhan, do check out the link : Memorise Juz 29 :)

#3 One word: Execute it!

This is like the real struggle, real pain, real deal of the mission to actually do it, make things work! This is the part that I always failed and I just hope things going well for my Ramadhan mission this year. There are a lot of unexpected things coming cause I have a new job and I'm gonna spend my life (after so many years in NZ) in Malaysia with my family. You know, you have so many commitments coming in just seconds of life. Talking about adulthood. How I hate it! huhuu


I guess that's about it. Pray the best for me that I can go through these challenges of my life in 2 years ahead. The most important thing that I pray in my life is I learn and capture as many gems of life as I can. To feel what Rasulullah, the prophets and sahabahs felt during their whole life of mission. To experience awesome things as a servant and daie of Him. 

Till then, Assalamualaikum and peace out!

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