Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Assalamualaikum wbt 

Nothing to do with the writing actually. haha :P

Heyya all! How's it going, guys? It's been a while though since the last time I posted something here. Just trying to write something hence my love to this blog is still valid I assume. Back in my KMB times, blog was like everything. I spilled everything here. So, I am so grateful and feel blessed to have this blog of me.

Kinda wanna update a little bit of my life here. I'm still in Auckland, not yet BFG. hehe. Currently, I'm working in a clinical trial company near to my house. It's  about 10-minute walk from home. I know it's really convenient, right. Alhamdulillah work is good here. Most of the people are good and warm. My boss is really nice. Everything is good except for some inappropriate clothing and use of language. Well, it's their culture, not mine. 

Talking about it, I found it's so hard to practice this one thing, is called Al-Hilm. The closest meaning to it would be patience or swallow your anger and lowering down your ego. Simple example would be what happened today is we were having this one day moving all our things to different floor due to expansion of our lab and office but then you know moving is not really convenient when you have moving and also daily tasks that you need to finish up. Moving is like one major thing and daily tasks is like another major thing. So, doing both is like frustration, exhaustion and whatnot. My colleagues have already been swearing, sighing and making tired faces. The same goes to me as well except for swearing. I really hate when people starts their f-culture. Ahhh, I hate it! 

So, you know situation that gets really tough that you can easily make unnecessary stress and snaps at people. That's what I'm talking about! It's really hard to practice al-hilm and keep on being positive and stays with your sanity. I mean snapping at people and being irrational are the most easiest job in the world but then Islam taught us to keep calm and stay al-hilm. 

There was this one time, I was up to a point where I am so tired and I was having a really bad crazy headache (it was so painful!) and this one guy deliberately shouted at me for doing things late. I was like seriously at this time?! huhu. Technically, it's not late at all as I made the appointment at 5 pm but he came at 4.30 pm and all of the samples were not packed yet due to we have this crazy moving things up and down and we were sooo tired of it. It's just that I usually finish my sample packing at 4.30 pm that the time he comes we can get our appointment straightly done. But then, it's just that today was not really well because of the moving. 

Getting people shouted at you was not even funny nor relaxing. I was just so exhausted and when that happened, it really tested my anger and ego. But then, I was trying to cool me down and be patient and not being reactive. Stay silent is the best way to not snapping back at the people that snapped at you. Emotionally mature here is what I'm talking about. Hee. 

Well, if we look back in Surah Kahf ayats that tell about a conversation between Musa and Khidr, we can look at when Musa was trying to fight for what he believed was right. All the things that his teacher, Khidr was doing looked so wrong at face value in his eyes. But when he tried to explain that these were wrong, Khidr said that nope, you were wrong, you were not patient that you missed some points. I mean having that kind of conversation trying to fight what's right then get easily disagreed by people is not really easy to digest. It tests your ego. That's when al-hilm comes in action that you need to be reflective instead of reactive. 

Okay people, I just stop here now. It's really late now, 12.45 am and subuh here is like 4.45 am-ish. So, I have like 4 hours to sleep. Hee. Till then, see you soon. 

Peace be upon you :) 

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