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Assalamualaikum wbt

Alhamdulillah everyone's going back home to Malaysia because now it's summer time. To me, I finished my degree and it's not really summer holiday. It's like a period of time to fix things and to make my family in believing me and feel confident to accept my plan of life which is not the same like most of the people.

Yeah everyone knows like after you finished your degree, youre going back home, search for a new job and getting married and ready for the next phase of life. Well, that's not literally my plan. Huu. I'm going to go back to Malaysia for a while to help with the 'Summer' in Malaysia. Just focusing and working out for dnt summer in Malaysia. I just hope that people are coming more joining my boat in doing this. We ran out of people, everyone's like they're having their personal work to be done, so who's gonna take care of this tarbiyah in summer anyway?

I know, it's not good to say this, but my point is i think everyone has their own personal to work out. Same goes to me. So, shall we try hand in hand make this thing easier, please. This is not a play matter. It's about taking care of iman of your mutarabbissss. Their remembrance of Allah is somehow depends on how hard you work to reach it!

Okay, enough with the blabbers.

I plan to write as much as I can about tadabbur alQuran. I have it here roughly with me so there should be no excuses not to write it, okay bella?! (im psychoing myself btw)

Let's start, shall we?


فلا اقسم بمواقع النجوم
Lalu aku bersumpah dengan tempat beredarnya bintang-bintang

وانه لقسم لو تعلمون عظيم
Dan sesungguhnya itu benar-benar sumpah yang besar sekiranya kamu mengetahui

انه لقران كريم
dan sesungguhnya AlQuran yang sangat mulia

في كتاب مكنون
dalam kitab yang terpelihara

(Al-Waqi'ah, 56:75-78)

Allah banyak kali bersumpah dengan ciptaanNya seperti masa, bulan, matahari dan kali ini Allah bersumpah dengan bintang-bintang; the Stars. If you're reading this in daylight, imagine the stars at night. Pada malam yang pekat, bintang itulah yang menerangi malam selain drpd bulan. Kalau jaulah selalukan, kita buat stargazing and we just look at the dark sky and the stars glowing. Glowworm also reminded us to the stars. Looking at them in the dark sama je lah seperti melihat bintang-bintang berkedipan di waktu malam. Seriously, it's an awesome and amazing view! Sangat cantik subhanallah!

Now, Allah swears on the stars and He tells us that what He swears on is really an important swear. Susahkan nak jumpa ayat yang Allah bersumpah and he describe about His swear. Selalunya Allah kata 'Demi Masa!' then masuk ke cerita seterusnya. Tapi bila dia bersumpah and He mentions how strong His swear is, that means it's really something big, aye?

As we know, stars are used to help people in the dark and guide them to their way. This is really close and relatable to the Arab people during Rasulullah's time sebab diorang memang berjalan pada waktu malam dalam gelap with no light or anything else, just using stars to give them direction. That's what we learned in Science; buruj semua tu, senduk, pari etc. (I cannot remember actually...haha) But that's the main thing, stars help the musafir people to guide them to travel.

So, now we know, Allah is swearing using the stars and it is really an important swear. One more thing, stars are used to guide people who travels.

Next, what is coming next? Allah mentions about AlQuran and how noble AlQuran is. AlQuran adalah kitab yang terpelihara.

The point here is what's the relation between Stars and AlQuran. Can you relate? Do you get it? (insert evil face..hewhew)

Some might get it, some might not yet. So, lemme explain it, sistahh!

Allah nak kata AlQuran is just like the Stars. It used to guide us in the dark pitch black of the night. Bilamana kita dalam keadaan yang gelap; lost, tak tahu nak buat ape, iman lemah, no motivation to do good things, down, futur dan sebagainya. Datanglah AlQuran sebagai panduan kita bawak kita balik ke jalan yang benar. When you lost look at 'the stars' and it shines you the way to Him.

Buat diri saya terlebih dahulu dan antunna sekalian,
jangan pernah tinggal AlQuran. Inilah cahaya kita, yang bawak kita ke jalan yang benar. It is your way to make Allah talks to you, directly. Remember that we learn in Mukaddimah fi zilal, macamana bestnya perasaan Syed Qutb bila dapat interaksi dgn AlQuran? That is one unimaginable great feeling that only those who can feel it, feel the sweetness of it.

Potongan ayat ini buat saya sendiri rasa amazed of how awesome the Quran is. Kita tahu AlQuran is awesome tapi bila go thru ayat-ayat ini rasa macam this is really awesome I have to share this!


Sekarang kita ada satu benda yang kita boleh praktikkan; bila malam kita nampak bintang; kita ingat AlQuran. Stars give us an urge to be close to AlQuran and make us closer to Him. (sabar ye orang kl/selangor, bintang tak bape nak keluar sangat malam2, so untungla orang luar central, you guys have advantage than us, orang central..sobs.)

To you my dearest, selamat bermusafir sewaktu summer. Jaga diri, jaga iman, jaga tarbiyah, jaga dakwah which means jaga tarbiyah mad'u antunna jugak. It's our job to take care of people's iman, somehow. So, there's a lot of things that we have to work out. Nevertheless, yang paling penting, jaga hubungan kita dengan Allah, jaga mutabaah amal. (I'm reminding this first to me!)

Take care there! Selamat menjadi daie rabbani!

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