Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Assalamualaikum wbt

Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah ya Rabb! Allah still gives me chance to work hard for him. Alhamdulillah Allah still gives me the passion in what I am doing rite now. Doing the coolest job on Earth – being a murabbi and study J I am so grateful for what Allah has done to me. He always cares and my life always progressed day by day. Be it cheerful or painful.

These second semester brought me in a phase of life that I would say make me realise this is a serious matter. Things become more serious, more responsibility and more dedication. You’re not a kid anymore, bella. Yesterday, my mom told me that she dreamt of me, crying. She texted me asking if there’s anything happened to me or do I am in the middle of money problem or what. I was smiled when she said to me about this as I remembered one of my ukht told me that her mother dreamt about her a few days ago. Maybe this is what gonna happen when you don’t spend time with your family. My mother is missing me, I conclude.

Yeah, I admit that this semester already saw in many situations. Be it stressed, crying so hard cause you’re so tired that you cannot do anything except from cry and act tough. I’m not gonna tell bad things to my mom as I want her to be in ease and happy. I would say all those ‘negative’ situation were not bad at all. They taught me a lot and build so much feelings towards dakwah. When you’re emotionally engaged with something, that means you’re ‘enjoying’ the thing. Do you get what I mean?

This path is not a very ‘dry’ path, I would say. It takes many things from you, and that’s what makes you really can relate emotionally to people who were in this path before like Rasulullah, all the prophets, companions and others. That’s the thing that you cannot get anywhere else other than being in this path. This is what makes this path so special that you’re not just know you God and your purpose in life but you live in what you believe. You can feel yourself so ‘live’ that you enjoy all the challenges that Allah prepares for you. Then, you can say that Islam is the way of life. Islam is neither in the form of knowledge nor in the form of feeling only. It’s what you live with and what you live for.

I pray to Allah that He always keep me in this path with all my sisters and brothers throughout the nation. May Allah keep us steadfast and grant us more understanding in this path that makes us keep on moving and get working even more.

It is so heart-wrenched to hear some of the people’s perception to me and others doing this work but I know that as long as we work hard to spread Islam to people in proper planning and strategies, all those comments are not valid. I am human, I cannot satisfy many people. You, yourself, are as well. You don’t even satisfy me when you produced such words. I pray that both of us keep on working to be the best in the eyes of Allah. May Allah grant us Jannah insyaAllah.

In the end, this life is not about you or me, it’s about who is more pleased by Allah. Allah is the main character in this life. That’s it.

Keep on praying for us, our mutarabbi to be the people who have such a strong relationship with Allah, such a great akhlak and great support of materials to be used for His cause. Allahumma amin.

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