Tuesday, 5 February 2013



I really feel like writing. Yes. So much. But I'm in the middle of self-disciplining myself. Basically, preparing myself for coming back to Auckland this 20th February 2013. Whoa..time flies so so so fast. I hope that is a good sign. People says if we feel the time is short, that is actually means that we are busy with something that we do not have time to check on the date everyday. Yeah but the question is what is the thing that keeps me busy to that extent? Yeah..you answer that, bella! 

I am trying to improve myself from time to time. But yes, sometimes I failed. I failed that I feel like what is wrong with you. You claimed you wanna be a part of this group of people who want everyone closer to Allah and yet you're not! Pfffttt! That was when I feel like I am not qualified to be a 'kakak' - you know what I mean. 

There's only 15 days left. Let me update you. I have so much things to be settled. My enrolment subjects which will be settled after I'm back in Auckland. I need to meet Prof Libby to solve this problem. I really am worries but I didn't tell anything about my study to my mother. I used to tell my mother everything about my study cause she would try to understand every single learning system in school and college. But alhamdulillah not in Auckland. In fact, I'm also cannot comprehend this Auckland Learning System by day. It's not the same as in Malaysia. I hope that I can have the English tounge to meet Prof Libby. You know, coming back from holiday in Malaysia for 3 months which almost everytime speaking in Malay, that's not good. 

I have to reach my Summer Target which is to finish one fikrah book at least by this summer and I'm not finish yet. T_T Really like to slap again and again and again to myself. Sort out timetable for study and life in Auckland cause Alhamdulillah now I know what am I lacking in my previous year is TIME MANAGEMENT and STUDY WITH MULTITASKER STYLE IS A BAD IDEA. I'm not going the bad things happen again in this year. NO WAY! 

What else..oo yes.. My mum and I will do some business together. Actually, it's a trial one and who wants their business to fail, right? We just started a few page and blogs. There are actually 3 projects by one store. Our business company named Nurfalah Store. Basically we want this to be succeed. Aminnn... *Say aminn too*. I'll be selling Muslimah accessories like Muslimah Shirts, Inner Tudung, Brooch, Skirts esp Jeans Skirt,  Tudung 50" & 60" or people like to say Bidang 50 & Bidang 60. All of these will be sold in Auckland. This is my part.

My mum's part, she will sell Muslimah Shirts insha Allah and it's not publicised yet. Still in progress. 

My little sister's part is selling secondhand books. My sister is really a book freak like she can finish 300++ pages in just 3 days. Please give me some of your super reading skill so that I can finish reading my books. So, she decides to sell her books. I am thinking to sell my good old books when I was in teenage years. Am I not a teenage now? I dont know. 

So yeah, you can check out the blog and the pages on Facebook. Please hop on! It would be my pleasure ^_^


Projek Buku by Nurfalah Store

Nurfalah Store (in construction)



So, that is it! Will update more insyaAllah :) Assalamualaikum.

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