Saturday, 28 March 2015


Growing Pains by Boona Mohammed

Those who criticize my generation forget who are the ones who raised us 
Produced kids who popping razors scrapping their veins open like erasers 
Trying to erase all the pain and shame of delinquent teenagers
On call with drugs and alcohol having a ball while our species is endangered 
Because in this day and age you are nothing but a facebook page,
A retweet of nothing sweet, a selfie inside a cage 

Living in a material prison, a 16x9 cell of whatever your TV will sell 
Everybody wants to be somebody but nobody wants to be themselves 
We ignore the ones who adore us and adore the ones who ignore us
We are only Muslims by name, so long as immigration won’t deport us 

I’m sorry Mr. Politician; I didn't mean to look so different 
I know my parents have a funny accent but I’m just working with what I was given 
You see we moved to these lands to escape from poverty and persecution 
But colonization of my nation kind of left the promise lands looking like an illusion 

And I don’t know what I’m doing, where I’m from or where I’m going 
You see I wanted to go to school but the class they put me in is boring 
They told me that I have special needs, and that my grades ain’t that important 
But they don’t know I could flip trees, and by 3, buy me a pair of Jordan’s 

And I don’t even want to play the race card, cause I ain’t even a fan of poker
But every time I visit jails, it looks like the coloured people taking over 
But as I’ve grown older, I’ve realized what’s most important 
And I don’t ask Allah for less tests, I ask Allah for bolder shoulders 
Because inside of every tear is a moment most sincere to God 
The help of Allah is near, but how near are you to Allah?

Because in order to be free, you must escape from the prison of your desires
And speak only when your words are more beautiful than silence
Make friends with the Qur’an because it is a book of guidance 
Embody the message of messengers, and stand tall like Dawood did to Giants 

I was looking for faults, and so I started in the mirror
And I realized real hommies, are those who want to be hommies in Jannah
And even though people are complicated, Islam is real simple 
You see Allah gives us so much, but yet we thank Him so little

And even liberals see my sisters wearing Hijab’s as criminals 
But I see every covered girl as a cover girl so take cover girl 
And forgive your enemies but never forget what they have taught you
And know that those who gossip with you will one day gossip about you

They tell me I should rap to the youth although my poetry is spoken 
I tell them my tongue is a loaded gun, and I am careful where I point it
And I ain’t trying to give advice that I haven’t acted upon myself 
Cause everybody wants to change the world, but nobody wants to start within themselves
But from what I can tell, the signs are clear; the end of time is near 
And behind every wrinkle on the faces of our elders, lies wisdom beyond our years
If only we would take a moment to attain all that they made 
One generation plants a seed, so that the next can receive the shade

People ask me what changed, but wallahi akhi nothing really,
I just began to see this world as a traveler and I’m moving quickly 
On my way into my grave, to the earth where everyone will sleep 
Cause the angel of death is a celebrity everybody’s dying to meet 

People say they are just "killing time" but really time is just killing you
And your life is nothing more than all the paths and roads that you will choose 
Even a man who killed 99 people and repented to Allah was excused 
So if you say your heart has grown distant from Allah, then ask yourself who moved?

Growing up is painful, but you can’t stay small forever
Everybody wants a rainbow, but ain’t prepared for bad weather 
So never ever let the devil make you sad at who you are 
Cause only in your darkest hour can you see the brightest stars

Some of the best lessons in my life, were learned at the worst times
But I wouldn’t change a thing except my patience in the divine 
Because if Allah brings you to it, than He will bring you through it
Just have patience and pray, trust me, I’m living proof of it


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