Wednesday, 4 July 2012


After sooo long time, Alhamdulillah, I forced to myself to write something here. Actually, that spirit of writing is not so strong like months ago but insyaAllah I can't bear to see my dear bloggie turns dusty.

Well, Alhamdulillah I just had my sem 1 exam finished. So sorry cause no posts about my story here in NZ. Just a little bit heart-shout-out to soothe my soul in the previous posts. I need that and that's why I posted those.

Okay, let's move on.

Continuing my journey of life here in Auckland really taught me well about being adult. Yeah, cause I feel so matured here where I can walk alone in streets without being scared. I can just go to any stores and buy anything. I don't know but things are easier here compared to Malaysia. Everywhere I go, mostly I walk. You don't have to worry if you go anywhere alone (with condition that you know well where do you wanna go) except for nights especially Friday night. Alhamdulillah, thank you to Allah for the courage that I even get chances to used my driving license here to drive. InsyaAllah this driving logam has to use it well for good. ^_^

Updates, please end there. Thank you.

One thing that makes me think so frequently is when I meet and see those personalities and their life. How can a person had such a life? They use every hours that they have for the sake of Allah. 24 hours they had, they spent it for study, uni stuffs bla3, for ummah, meetings, layan kerenah adik-adik like me etc etc etc. *had to write many etc cause so much things they did* stuffing their hours of life with problems of others to be solved. in fact, there is time when one abruptly said; "selesai satu masalah" which shows that there are so many other problems in one's mind. worst case scenario, they are soo tired that they tend to sleep whenever they rest or waiting for something/someone. that's not tired, that is exhausted ey?

all of these come to my mind of what makes they volunteer to give their body and soul to be exhausted. why are they sacrificing themselves to be the think-tanker and the do-ers. why so tough to hand their time to be used like no any mainstream girls did. why put yourselves in place like WWII where you don't feel worldly pleasure and no fame to gain. why choose the hard way here? *seriously, it really hard compared to what I did in kmb* Their strength and jihad is for Allah

The answer is simple. They already tasted the sweetness of something that they didn't feel before. Halawatul iman. Have I taste it? Have you?

That exhaustion is worth and I hope all of you are granted with Jannah. Please teach me for I am nervous to think of Auckland's future.


p/s: I dont know why I write these but these are biiznillah to write.

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