Wednesday, 2 February 2011



alhamdulillah i already got back here in cheras, my hometown. i dont know what to say, happy plus sad?

but first, try to listen to Ar-Rahman mp3. i dont know why but every reading of Ar-Rahman that I heard ever since i was in my secondary school, the reading always made me feel sad or i could say, feel like crying. just hear the reading already made me feel like crying, not even with the translation.

every morning, the reading always playing in my head from KMB's musolla. every morning, when i heard i feel like how ungrateful i was as a servant of Allah. waking up every morning, i always forget about the meaning of wake up du'a.

to be grateful, is what I strive for. to be grateful, is something which is not easy. it takes a single moment that you have to sit with yourself and think of what you've done and link it with Allah. the main thing is have you say thank you to Allah?? have you use your gift of life to the true-est purpose of life??

what i can do is....i just can cry when i realized i havent do all the musahabah session.

O Allah, i ask for forgiveness for all the stupid things that i did! i am a very weak servant and only You could give the strength and hidayah.

(i was uneasy when i wrote this..) 

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